• Memory Bank is an award-winning series of innovative DVD resource packs using archive films to bring past events and experiences to life, prompting stories and memories to share and enjoy. Great for reminiscence, memory and life story work, for older people and those with dementia.

  • It’s been another busy year - thank you for sharing our films, and your thoughts: "An excellent resource, so glad we bought them, they're absolutely superb!" “A wonderful open-ended conversation starter!” “Great resource to prompt memories and conversations”

  • Our Memory Bank champion, Pet Fowler Watts MBE, RGN, shares a story about the power of reminiscence and the memories and conversations it can prompt.

  • Libraries contribute enormously to our wellbeing, and - with the help of Memory Bank - libraries in Hindley and Leigh are playing a vital role in Wigan Council’s aims to make Wigan a dementia friendly community.

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Feb 24

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In 2013,to mark a year since the launch of Memory Bank, we were keen...