• Memory Bank is an award-winning series of innovative DVD resource packs using archive films to bring past events and experiences to life, prompting stories and memories to share and enjoy. Great for reminiscence, memory and life story work, for older people and those with dementia.

  • Memory Bank packs have everything you need for a reminiscence session - user guide, film notes, discussion ideas, activities and photos. These resources accompany archive films spanning six decades, carefully selected along familiar themes to promote shared memories of childhood, growing up, loved ones and family, sense of place, home and work life. 

  • Winner of 'Outstanding Dementia Care Product' at the National Dementia Care Awards 2013, 100% of Memory Bank users would recommend it to others.  Director Sue Howard talks about the creation of Memory Bank and our story so far in this month's Journal of Dementia Care.

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Where Does It hurt?

Oct 29

Sue Howard, Director of Memory Bank and the Yorkshire Film Archive, was recently asked to write a feature for the Wellcome Trust's...